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Shoreline High Schools Lacrosse

High School Program Update



Players and parents,  

I cannot believe that it has been nearly 6 months since we last took the field as a team. These are indeed crazy times. I hope everyone is doing well in this new time of temporary normal. I have some answers as to how our lacrosse journey will take shape moving forward.  

SPRING 2021  

As you may or may not know the governing body of all things high school athletics, WIAA, has declared four different sporting seasons for this academic year (see chart). Each season will be two months in duration including any playoff action.  

  • Season 1 was to cover September and October and be some of the no contact sports. However, that season was postponed. There are no organized high school sports for the rest of 2020.  
  • Season 2 is set to begin at the end of December and run January and February.  
  • Season 3 will cover March and April.  
  • Season 4 will begin April 26th and end June 27th. The WHSBLA Executive Board, at the request of the WIAA, asked both boys and girls high school lacrosse to be played in season 4. Our first practice is set to begin Monday April 26th.  


The deadline for our team declaration this year is December 1st. I have about 30 names on my contact list for the upcoming season. If we can get a firm commitment from that group and another 3-5 players, we could run a full time JV team as well. Two teams, crazy! On a side note, the last two years I have had 30 players on my preseason list, and we have had 18 and 21 respectively commit to the spring season but a program director and varsity head coach (and Board) can dream.  

WHSBLA has also granted Shoreline our same status conglomerate status as last year (CP2). We can be a conglomerate program without penalty this year and are on schedule to split into Shorecrest and Shorewood lacrosse programs in 2022. This split is dependent on both high school and youth participation numbers. The only penalty for not splitting is that we are not eligible for the playoffs. Something to think about.  

So, I will be sending each player an email and text to confirm their commitment for the 2021 Spring season in the next few weeks (read below first). You can also send me a text or email.  


WHSBLA has made a declaration concerning Fall ball for 2020. Usually we are limited to 12 coached sessions in November. This year the governing board has expanded our fall ball to start on Monday October 5th through Monday December 7th (9 weeks of unlimited activity)!  

Currently our area is in Phase 2 which means we are allowed to be in small groups of 5 and must social distance. We will only do an hour in Phase 2 but if we are in Phase 3 we will go 90 minutes.   We will start with four days per week in October (Monday through Thursday) and move to a modified three days per week schedule in November (Wednesday, Friday and Saturday). October Sessions will begin at 6:30pm at Hamlin Baseball Field #6.  November sessions times/location will be scheduled soon.

We've posted our return to play policies here: We need to be careful to ensure we do our part to ensure we have a season this spring.  


Registration will be sent out on Monday, Sept 21st. I will be in touch with the team leaders to fine tune our fall plans. We will be doing lots of work on our basic skills as well as learning our new offensive and defensive systems. Surprise!  

The most important thing this year is commitment. We have so much potential to be successful on the field and build something great that will last for years. I hope you want the same thing.  

Please reach out if you have any questions, comments or concerns.  

Good luck with online schooling. Stay safe!  


Coach Walter and crew  


The Registration "Shoreline High Schools Lacrosse" is not currently available.

Spring 2021 Registration Will Open Soon!

We are excited for another great season for the Shorewood/Shorecrest HS Lacrosse team in 2021! 

Please direct questions to Coach Walt!

If you haven't registered for Fall Ball yet, see information below.

The Registration "Shoreline High Schools Lacrosse" is not currently available.

LFP-Shoreline Lacrosse High School Fall Ball - Register now!

Fall Ball Registration and Return to Safe Play Protocol information:

Thank you and if you have questions please contact us:

Walter Valenzuela


Richard Sandstrom

Additionally, financial assistance is available, please contact us contact for details on equipment and scholarships. 

High School Lacrosse in Shoreline

For the next season (2021), both Shorewood and Shorecrest high school students (as well as Shoreline residents attending a private high schools school without its own lacrosse program) will play together on a combined Shoreline High School team.

Beginning in the 2021/2022 school year, an independent Shorewood Thunderbirds team will be considered. A new club is being formed to help support that team and a coaching search is underway, led by the current Director of Lacrosse.


Walter Valenzuela

Walter Valenzuela

Director of Lacrosse, Head Coach

Phone: (425) 749-0913